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KeepStyle is a clothing brand for young ambitious people. Initially, the company specialized in prints for T-shirts, swiss shots. Over time, the passion of the creative team KeepStyle has grown into something more than just drawings on clothes - now it's a whole philosophy. The brand produces shoes, bags, clothes for kids and dogs, overalls. New collections are being prepared, and an expansion of the assortment is planned.


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our approach:

The site that connects the presentation of the showroom and the online store. For the corporate style, a gentle, feminine palette was chosen, oriented to the main buyer. The structure of the main page of the site is implemented on the basis of the landing page, scrolling adds elements of sections of the site with the ability to go and a call to action. The effect of the show is reinforced by the tile of Instagram photos with the brand hashtag. The site has a dialogue with the buyer (call back, a convenient basket, an opportunity to promptly ask a question). Header is constantly on the mind and resembles contact phones, the availability of goods in the basket. Large banners and lots of photos - for the effect of presence and maximum visualization. Animated filters on the product page.

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